History of FMF

Flight Mode Fitness (FMF) is a uniquely-focused fitness platform - dedicated to inspiring and building Outward Strength from Within

The brand was born in 2013, by its founder Richard, after an unfortunate achilles rupture while running Division 1 track & field. Devastated by the doctor's diagnosis that he may never return to 100%, he strived to prove all wrong. 

FMF achillies tear

A year later, Richard was able to do so - surpassing previous personal records, as well as reaching the NCAA regional conference meet.

During his recovery, he documented his journey through social media - doing unique yet challenging exercises that caught the attention of others online. Many of these workouts included explosive movements, occasionally going airborne, which sprung the name Flight Mode.

superman pushup

As his audience grew online, these types of comments were not uncommon: 

“Hey I just wanted to say that you inspire me so much! You truly are a role model for me and most likely hundreds maybe thousands of other people. Just keep doing what you’re doing and keep inspiring people.

“MAN! I tore my Achilles in January and I’m trying to get back right!...I thought after this injury I was done but you gave me hope…”

In 2014, came the official FMF brand logo which embodies the story behind it. The gradient Wings - representing the ascension from devastation and darkness.

FMF logo

The colors red/silver which embodies the Blood, Sweat, and Tears endured fighting the Battle back to 110%.

Later in 2014, the brand decided to make a shift to represent the grind and the lifestyle change; which continues to reach thousands around the world. 

One thing all people have in common is the clothes on their backs, so the FMF team felt what better way to inspire and increase impact than by creating branded clothing built from motivation and drive. A clothing line that once seen and worn hopes to inspire people to begin their journey towards self-improvement, fitness-related or not. A clothing line built off dedication, that once worn you “never forget why you started”. FMF sweatshirt

 Then came the disappearance of FMF - caused by poor discipline and some mental health struggles in 2019. Richard found there were voids in his life he had to overcome. Through the help of family, friends, and association - he was able to once again #RiseUp, this time from the depths of depression. 

In 2020 - the brand underwent a transformation to a Platform. A platform geared to Inspire, creating Outward Strength from Within: through the unity of the Mind, Body, and Spirit - to become a Conqueror - of all things (Romans 8:37). 

FMF has taken on a new mission to disrupt the stigma of the fitness-world - which tends to focus solely on outward appearance. Our team’s goal is to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to view fitness from a holistic sense by eliminating the comparison game. Our team has found that building a foundation, starting from within, results in freedom of the mind, body, and spirit - leading to everlasting results. Although external forces will change, who we become is in our control. FMF picture

FMF’s various social platforms are an outlet for fitness, mindset, and faith-building content to aide its audience in gaining the strength to become an Overcomer.

Since no Battle is meant to be fought alone, FMF is a Community built to strengthen the 4 F's - represented by its logo’s central crest. 

Together We Conquer - by Faith. with Family. through Fitness. for Freedom.

Outward Strength from Within.


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