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"Flight Mode Fitness is helping strengthen our audiences' spiritual, mental, and physical health by encouraging internal development to help fuel outward results. Our goal is to remove the stigma that the fitness world cares only for outward appearances by encouraging people to view fitness holistically and eliminate the comparison game."

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Brand with a Purpose

Build you. Get fit. Support a cause.

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Mental Health America

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"FMF’s various social platforms are an outlet for fitness, mindset, and faith-building content to aide our audience in gaining the strength to become an Overcomer."

Our 4 Pillars

Faith. Family. Fitness. Freedom.

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Mercy Multiplied

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"Our team has found that building a foundation, starting from within, results in freedom of the mind, body, and spirit - leading to everlasting results. Although external forces will change, who we become is in our control."

"A brand that once seen or worn hopes to inspire someone to begin their journey towards self-improvement, fitness-related or not. A brand built off dedication, that once seen you never forget why you started."


100% of retail profit donated

Proud nonprofit partners: Mental Health America, Outreach America, Mercy Multiplied